Risk of Injury When Cleaning Gutters

There is a risk of injury or even death when climbing your roof to clean your gutters. This is particularly true for properties more than a single storey tall. Gutters often need to be cleaned after poor weather conditions. For instance, you might climb onto your roof to dislodge windblown debris after a storm - when surfaces may be wet and conditions still windy.

Even in clear conditions, climbing your roof without the proper equipment and experience puts you at considerable risk of injury. Minimise the risk to your safety by improving your approach to cleaning gutters with gutter mesh. Let us explain:

Risks of Cleaning Gutters Yourself

Falling from a Ladder

Most homeowners will access and clean their gutters by using a ladder, but few check that their ladder is safe to use. Falling from a ladder while trying to clean gutters is a common accident that is mostly due to problems with the ladder itself. Take a look at your ladder and don’t climb it if you see any of the following:

✓ Signs of rot
✓ Unbalanced legs on a smooth surface
✓ Signs of insect damage
✓ Bent, missing or loose rungs
✓ Worn out feet

Electrical Wires

Cleaning metal roofs and gutters when they’re wet can be a recipe for disaster. Coming into contact with these metal surfaces while any electrical wires are loose can create a severe electrical hazard. Never climb your roof if you suspect loose wires to prevent the risk of electrocution. If you are not sure about your property’s electrical situation, contact Gutter Guarded for advice.

Mould & Pests

Anything that thrives in damp and dark conditions may call your gutters ‘home’. A build-up of natural debris will create perfect conditions for moulds and fungus to grow unchecked. Without the proper equipment and knowledge, you’ll be unnecessarily exposing yourself to the risks of mould inhalation. The accumulation of damp leaves will also attract critters and pets such as rats to your gutters, which are notorious carriers of harmful microorganisms.

Why Choose Gutter Mesh?

Gutter mesh is the most effective and efficient way to manage your gutters, keep them clean and keep you safe. The mesh lets only water pass into the gutters and keeps pests, rubbish and natural debris from collecting and blocking the water flow, causing flooding.

By installing gutter mesh, you are completely covering your existing gutters and creating an excellent means of filtration for anything and everything that comes into contact with your roof.

The mesh is durable and will prevent sharp debris from potentially ripping and tearing your existing gutters, causing you unnecessary stress and expense.

man on a ladder installing gutter mesh gutter guard onto a roof.

Which Type of Gutter Mesh Should I Use?

Both aluminium gutter guards and steel gutter guards offer good protection for your existing gutters. They are strong, easy to install and will minimise your safety by not needing to maintain them regularly.