Protecting Your Gutters With Gutter Mesh

Many areas of Australia are exposed to harsh hailstones at least a couple of times each year. It’s easy to overlook the importance of protecting your home and gutters from these storms but the damage caused by them can be extensive. It's certainly worth considering gutter mesh as a protective measure against hail and snow.

Hail can be unpredictable, but if you know your property is located in an area frequented by hail storms, a durable and reliable gutter mesh is worth the investment. If hail is left to sit in your gutters, ice can cause a build-up of water - potentially causing water damage from leaks into your roof, walls, and ceilings. Likewise, snow filling your gutters can lead to flooding, collapse, and a range of expensive repairs.


Damage Caused By Hail

Particularly hail prone suburbs in Australia include:

Port Macquarie & Armidale (NSW)
Point Cook & Coburg (VIC)
Upper Coomera (QLD)
Devonport (TAS)
Mawson Lakes (SA)
Scarborough (WA)
Campbell (ACT)

However, this is only a small list and there are many more suburbs throughout Australia that will experience hail in varying degrees.

When hail hits your roof and sits in your gutters, it can melt and pool - causing leaks and flooding inside of your home. This flood damage can be a sizable clean up job, and can cause damage to not only your home or business, but to your health as well. Because where there's water damage, mould is sure to follow.

Heavy and fast-falling hailstones can also puncture, tear and damage some brands of gutter mesh, which can greatly reduce their effectiveness in defending your roof and home. That’s why it’s important to choose and install a quality gutter guard that can handle heavy hail. Both our aluminium and steel gutter mesh options are strong enough to withstand serious weather conditions.

Prevent Snow in Gutters

The build-up of both ice & snow can damage the integrity of your gutters. Many areas of Australia experience snowfall during winter - including the Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, as well as elevated areas in Tasmania. Leaves and other debris can cause a dam to form in your gutters any time of year, but it can be particularly damaging during winter. Frozen water can make gutters expand, and can even cause your gutters to warp or crack.

It’s important to select a gutter mesh that’s strong enough to withstand a heavy covering of snow. Both aluminium and steel are great options due to their durability and strength, as opposed to plastic and weaker metal alternatives.

Gutter Mesh Hail & Snow Protection

By installing gutter guards, you can prevent ice dams from forming - caused by leaves, twigs, nuts and other matter that commonly clog your gutters.

With gutter mesh, rainwater, melted snow, hail and ice can readily drain via your gutters, preventing damage to the integrity of your gutters, and water leaking or flooding into your home or business.

front of a cottage house in Australia with white/grey sheet roof protected by gutter mesh with behind a blossom tree.