Every gutter mesh is different. It may look all the same at the first look. However, specific mesh serves a unique purpose and caters to a particular need. That is why Gutter Guarded offers a wide selection of gutter mesh products across Australia. We supply gutter guard solutions for different roof types, including corrugated, tile, and trimdek.

To determine the type of gutter mesh you need, you would have to consider a few important things first:

  • Roofing structure
  • The materials your roof is made of
  • Width and type of gutters
  • Type of trees nearby
  • Susceptibility to fire
  • The occurrence of pests and vermins
  • Type of property — residential/commercial
  • The weather condition in the area

Our Products

Why Choose Gutter Guarded

Unlike other products, there is no one-size-fits-all gutter solution at Gutter Guarded. That is why every gutter mesh is specifically designed and provided for your specific roofing needs. We only use high-quality steel or aluminium products that have been tested to withstand the test of time and adverse weather conditions.

  • Premium quality
  • Easy installation
  • Hassle-free roofing services
  • Custom mesh available
  • Your choice of Colorbond mesh & trim colour
  • Readily available in your area

If you want to know more about our gutter mesh products, you can check our portfolio by downloading our product catalogue. Feel free to contact us to ask for professional advice, get a free quote, or schedule an inspection.

Easy to Install

Our kits come with all the components you need to install gutter mesh onto your roof. Only simple tools are required to secure it to your roof. The kit components are customised to your needs and roof specifications, so you know you’re getting the right parts for your roof.