Easy To Install DIY Gutter Guard Kits

We're the leading gutter mesh provider nationwide, delivering the best gutter protection and leaf guard solutions. We also provide gutter guard installation advice for both residential & commercial properties.

We provide high-quality gutter guard mesh suitable for different roof structures & weather conditions in Australia. Limited maintenance requirements means no more climbing up on ladders every few months (or weeks!) to clear out leaves, silt and birds nests from blocked gutters. Protect your home and foundations from water damage, pest infestations, and bushfires with our DIY aluminium or steel gutter guard kits.

Gutter guards reduce the level of maintenance required for your gutters by preventing the accumulation of rubbish & debris. If you don't have gutter mesh on your roof, then it's about time you call our team! With our durable and highly effective products, your gutters will be protected in no time. Find the perfect protection solution to install on your corrugated roof, tile roof or trimdek roof. Available to shop online at a great price.

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Australian Standard Compliant

Our products are compliant to the regulated Australian standard for roofs

Durability & Style

Our steel & aluminium gutter mesh products not only look great, they will also provide your home with many years of protection

Customer Satisfaction

We're committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with every purchase

Weather-Proof Protection

Quality metal gutter guards that can withstand hail, snow, heavy rain, and harsh heat

About Our Leaf Guard Mesh

Our team have been in the industry for years, delivering only the best service and highest quality gutter guard mesh for your property.

Shield your roof and protect your home from leaks caused by blockages which let water into your roof & ceilings. Order your gutter mesh online today. Easy to install & completely DIY-friendly, it takes the hassle out of protecting your roof and home.

With our products, you can avoid:

  • Piled up leaves & debris
  • Pests & birds nesting in gutters
  • Rainwater collection
  • Fire risk
  • Roof leaks

Protect Your Gutters With Gutter Mesh

Failing to protect your gutters can lead to problems for not only your roof, but to your entire home. With gutter mesh, you can ensure the hygiene and longevity of your roof. With our easy DIY gutter guard kits, you can save yourself the stress and cost of repairs. You also won’t need to clean & maintain your gutters as often, so you can spend less time up ladders and more time doing what you enjoy. Choose from up to 30 modern & highly durable Colorbond colours tailored to your particular needs. Our team will make sure that you get a high-quality gutter mesh suitable for your property at a great price. See our FAQ page for more information.

Absolute Protection

Get complete protection with our durable gutter mesh. No matter the length or shape of your existing gutters, we have the perfect protection system for your home or business.

Bushfire & Ember Guard

Get your roof ready for the hot season and avoid any risk of fires ignited by ember attacks with a high-quality mesh that keeps leaves and flammable material out of your gutters.

Gutter Mesh Installation: How It's Done


Roof & Gutter Inspection

We discuss your roof with you to identify the best gutter mesh for your property. In this phase, we will determine the mesh type and size suitable for your roof.


Clear Out Debris In Gutters

Clear out any foliage, pests, dirt, nests, or rubbish in your gutters so that they're ready for your DIY gutter guard installation. Prevent water damage in your roof and home.


Gutter Mesh Installation

Use our all-inclusive installation kits to securely attach the mesh to both roof and gutter. DIY installation is easy and will save you the cost of professional installers.

Why Install Our Gutter Guards?

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  • Clogged gutters are a hidden flood risk
  • Bushfire protection & ember guarding
  • Keep pests & vermin out
  • Protects against hail & snow
  • Minimise gutter cleaning safety risks
  • Save on costs
  • Prevent rust & corrosion
  • Harvest clean water
  • Improve water flow

With a wide range of colours to choose from and our easy DIY installation kit suitable for every roof type, gutter mesh is truly the ideal protector for your home.

Our gutter guard mesh is affordably priced and offers excellent protection from leaves and foliage, such as gum leaves and gumnuts. Keep pests including birds, rats and possums from creating nests or entering your roof.

Our products are also effective in areas that experience heavy rainfall, hail or snow. If you have a water tank, our guards will ensure that you're harvesting clean water. Install one on your home today to prevent flooding in your gutters due to accumulated debris. This can lead to roof leaks and create a habitat for mosquitoes to breed.

We know you will be delighted by the results after installing our quality gutter mesh!

Choose The Best Gutter Mesh Guard

With Three Easy Steps


What Do You Need Your Gutter Guard To Do?

Whether you are situated underneath trees, in a bushfire-prone area, have many pests on your property, or are exposed to hail and snow - all of these will factor into your choice of gutter mesh.


Picking The Right Gutter Mesh

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for gutter guards. We provide professional advice to ensure you select the ideal mesh colour and material for your specific roofing needs.


The Ideal Installation Metals: Steel & Aluminium

Our high-quality mesh is easy to fit to a variety of roof types, delivering an integrated finish and clean lines, making it the best installation steel solution available.

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