Who We Are

Gutter Guarded was founded by Bill Brown, an experienced roofer and guttering expert from Queensland, Australia. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Bill has restored many roofs and installed countless gutter guards.

As industry veterans, we know the importance of making sure your gutters are protected in order to avoid structural damage and expensive repairs. Gutter mesh protection is a cost effective preventative measure that can save your roof from damage and the expense of needing to hire professional roofers.

With our kits, you don’t need a professional roofer to install them, they’re simple and DIY friendly.

The Gutter Guarded Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide the highest quality gutter protection solutions and outstanding customer service. Your satisfaction is always our top priority. Our gutter mesh products are user friendly and made with quality metal materials, giving you great value at an affordable price. Shop our full range of products online here.

If you would like to discuss your specific gutter mesh needs and receive expert advice and recommendations, please contact us on +61 (07) 3183 5660, or send us an email at info@gutterguarded.com.au.