Keep Your Gutters Clean With Gutter Mesh

As homeowners, we don’t usually pay close attention to our gutters. It’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. But when things go wrong with your gutters, the issues and the cost of fixing them can quickly escalate.

The best thing you can do is ensure that your gutters are kept clean. With gutter guards, you can forget about climbing ladders and clearing piles of wet leaves. Read on to see how you can seriously reduce your house’s maintenance costs.

Stop Leaf Build–Up

Gutter mesh is extremely effective for keeping leaves and other small debris out of your gutters. The 4mm aluminium or steel mesh is capable of filtering out fine twigs and natural debris as small as pine needles. Even if your house has no surrounding vegetation, your gutters will still accumulate debris carried by the wind and it will collect hail and snow if you live in a cold area. Once installed, gutter guards will prevent your gutters from collecting:

✓ Leaves & nuts
✓ Small branches & twigs
✓ Rocks
✓ Rubbish
✓ Toys & play equipment

Prevent Flooding

By stopping leaves from building up in your gutters, you’re ensuring proper water flow. This dramatically reduces the risk of your gutters flooding when water levels rise due to blockages – like mini dams in your gutters.

Flooded gutters can lead to roof leaks and internal damage. Imagine all that pungent, stagnant water seeping into your ceiling! This can lead to a whole new set of problems like damp and mould. Read our guide on how gutter mesh helps prevent roof flooding for more information.

Keep Pests From Nesting

Apart from flooding as a result of accumulated debris, your next biggest worry is pests. Unlike cleaning blocked gutters, pests are a far harder problem to solve and often require expert help. The most common pests found in gutters include:

✓ Possums
✓ Birds
✓ Rats
✓ Insects

Pests are destructive and often choose to make a home in your gutters to escape the heat or seek protection from the cold. They can damage your tiles, eat through wires and create a smelly mess. Not to mention they can multiply very quickly! Avoid the cost of professional pest removalists by investing in gutter mesh.

Possum looking back at camera on branch.

Avoid Other Costs

There’s always a level of risk when you climb a ladder to clean your gutters yourself. Not enough homeowners take care to check the safety of their ladder and wear proper protective gear. Don’t risk the cost to your health if you cut yourself on metal, fall from a height or feel unwell from clearing piles of wet, mouldy leaves.

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Gutter guard installation is the best way to prevent leaf build-up, flooding and pests from making their home in your gutters. Reduce your maintenance costs and the risk of problems by getting in touch with our team of gutter mesh specialists. Also read our guide on gutter mesh for rodents, possums & pests for more information.