Gutter Guards Protect Against Water Contamination

Rainwater harvesting is an increasingly popular method of reducing a household’s utility bills. But many make the mistake of not providing appropriate protection for their natural water supply.

Gutter mesh can be your best ally in keeping the water harvested by your rain collection system clean. If you plan to use this water in your home for drinking and cooking, you need to protect your gutters against contaminants and debris entering the system in order to comply with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Gutter guards act as a filter against many forms of potential contamination, while also preserving the aesthetics of your roof. Gutter mesh will prevent rubbish, animal droppings, natural debris, birds and pests from entering your rainwater collection system uninvited.

Prevent Flooded Gutters for Clean Water

Gutter mesh is a low maintenance solution that will also help prevent roof flooding. Because debris won’t be able to accumulate in your gutters, your rainwater collection system won’t become blocked. Your water supply may become unusable if stagnant water in your gutters is left unresolved for too long.

Many property owners have chosen to install gutter mesh to avoid blocked gutters and the expensive flood damage which can follow. Contact Gutter Guarded for a simple solution for keeping your gutters unclogged and ensuring that you’re collecting clean, clear rainwater to be used in your home.

Health Risks of Drinking Unsafe Rainwater

By not protecting your rainwater harvesting system from contamination and debris, you are putting those drinking the water at risk. Consuming unsafe water from a rainwater collection system can cause harmful bacteria and parasites to enter your body.

Mould can also build if flooding is left unchecked, which can trigger nasal congestion, respiratory diseases, allergies and affect those with asthma. Prolonged exposure to mould is harmful for all household members and their pets.

These microorganisms can be the result of animal droppings and pests entering your gutters as carriers of potential contaminants. It's important that you mitigate these risks before you face the expense of medical bills and exposing your household to disease.

Why Install Gutter Mesh?

Installing gutter mesh is an effective and efficient means of managing the cleanliness of the rainwater you collect. Not only do they prevent unwanted animals and items entering your gutters, they mitigate the risk of flooding and your household being exposed to illness.

Gutter mesh covers your entire gutters, with only small holes for rainwater to enter. This provides an excellent form of filtration for rubbish, pests and natural debris. The mesh is strong and will prevent debris from potentially ripping and tearing your existing gutters.

Which Type of Gutter Mesh Should I Use?

Both aluminium gutter guards and steel gutter guards are suitable forms of protection for your rainwater harvesting. They are durable, easy to install and will not require regular maintenance to act as effective filtration.

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