Every roof has its specific condition and needs. Hence, it is important to identify these and set the most suitable course of action for your roof. There are various gutter mesh solutions for different types of roof. To determine the appropriate gutter mesh, you should look into important factors such as the roof structure, weather condition, roof durability, trees nearby, pest occurrence, and fire risk.

Close up photo of a gutter filled with water and leaves.


Rainwater tends to pile up if your gutters are clogged. This later results in stagnant water and structural damage.

Australian possum on a tree branch looking at the camera.

Pests & Vermin

It's no surprise that pests and vermins would find comfort in nesting on your bare gutters.

Fire on an empty grass field, billowing smoke.

Bushfire & Ember Guarding

Your roof is more susceptible to fire when piles of leaves gather on the gutters, letting embers get through your downspouts and, possibly, to your home.

hail stones on the ground with leaves and twigs.

Hail & Snow

Piled up snow and hail may puncture and damage poor-quality gutters with minimal protection.

circle water droplet on a green leaf.

Rain Harvesting

A gutter mesh can be the best partner in keeping clean water if you have a rain harvesting system in your home.

man on a ladder installing gutter mesh gutter guard onto a roof.


There is a risk of injury or death by climbing to the roof to clean your gutters constantly. Minimise your safety risk by improving your cleaning approach with gutter mesh.

pine needle tree.

Leaves & Leaf Size

The size of leaves would vary on the trees in your area. Consider the leaf size to find the suitable mesh type for your gutters.

looking up at a man on a ladder installing gutter mesh onto a roof.

Maintenance Costs

Having a gutter mesh is a cost-effective way to maintain the excellent condition of roofs and gutters in homes and commercial properties.

new metal roof sheets next to old red roof sheets with a blue sky background

Rust & Corrosion

Minimise rust and corrosion with a steel-coated gutter mesh for your roof. You can minimise the accumulated wetness on your roof with this type of mesh.

How Does Gutter Mesh Work?

Mesh is attached from your roof to the lip of your gutter. This provides complete coverage and prevents leaves, birds, pests, and other debris from entering and clogging your gutters. Protected gutters allow water to flow through easily, safely away from your home.