Clogged Gutters Can Cause Roof Leaks

Leaves, twigs, pests, and other debris can all fill up your gutters quicker than you may expect. Particularly if your property is positioned underneath trees and is without protection, leaf-filled gutters are likely a frustrating and reoccurring issue. When so much debris is clogging your gutters, rainwater cannot effectively drain away. This causes a dam effect to occur, and water to stagnant, in some cases seeping into your roof and attic/ceiling cavity!

Leaves inside gutter, the gutter has old brown rusted gutter guards.

When this happens, you may notice water pooling in your ceiling due to a leak, which is already an indication of moderate to severe water damage to your roof.

Rainwater tends to pile up if your gutters are clogged. This later results in stagnant water and structural damage. Because of this, many property owners choose to install gutter mesh to keep leaves, debris and animals out of their gutters so they can avoid the problem of clogged and overflowing gutters and the expensive flood damage that can accompany them.

The Cost of Flooding & Water Damage

Financial Costs

Depending on your insurance and the extent of the damage, flooding caused by clogged damage can be very expensive to repair. Repairing the flooding in your home has both financial and time costs, and can even take a burden on your mental health due to the stress of damage to your property.

Sometimes, roof flooding or leak repairs may require cleaning out your gutters and patching up any areas of water damage, other times a full roof replacement may be necessary! This can be very costly, but in most cases, is an avoidable problem with proper prevention and protection tools. What may seem like a minor leak, could have expensive and severe long-term issues due to structure damage.

How Flooding Affects Your Business

If you operate a business and your office or store has had a leak due to blocked gutters, this may become a burden to your daily operations and income.

You may have to shut down your business if flooding is significant and spend time cleaning up the water damaged areas. If roof repairs or replacement is required, this could be for multiple days or weeks.

Health Costs

If your home is exposed to flooding, it’s best to assume there is mould present. When your home experiences flooding, the excess moisture can cause mould to grow. Mould may be visible, you may notice an unpleasant odour, or there may be no indication at all.

Exposure to mould can trigger nasal congestion, respiratory infections and can worsen the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Avoiding the many problems and burdens that come from a flooded roof and home makes it easy to see why installing gutter mesh gutter guards is worthwhile. Let us explain.

Effective Gutter Protection

Gutter Mesh is effective at keeping leaves and other debris out of your gutters, which can cause blockages and water to pool. Gutter mesh covers the entirety of your gutters, with small holes for safe and clean water collection.

The 4mm holes are designed to only let rainwater in, while blocking leaves, twigs, nuts, pests, and other foreign matter from becoming a problem and polluting your harvested water supply. This way, your gutters stay clutter-free and water won’t accumulate and leak into your roof cavity.

Both aluminium gutter guards and steel gutter guards are highly durable, corrosion resistant, and will do their job for many years without needing replacement.

Not sure whether steel mesh or aluminium gutter guards are best for your property? Get in touch with our friendly team for expert advice.